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                                              Donghai silbao quartz products Co., Ltd. is located in Donghai County, Lianyungang City, the distribution center of quartz products in the mainland. Donghai County is rich in quartz deposits, and the grade is very high (silicon content is 99.98%). As a result, Donghai County's quartz glass tubes, crystal products, quartz sand, quartz rods and other quartz products account for more than 95% of the mainland market share.

                                              Our company was founded in 1998, is a professional unit of quartz products production, the main products are quartz tube, quartz glass tube, thick wall quartz tube, large diameter quartz tube, quartz boiler tube, quartz rod, double hole quartz tube, quartz sleeve, quartz water jacket, quartz slice, quartz ring, quartz crucible, quartz instrument, quartz elbow, spherical quartz tube, non ozone ultraviolet quartz tube Opalescent quartz tube and a variety of different color quartz tube and other quartz products.

                                              Quartz tube includes transparent, pearlescent, UV, ultraviolet sterilization quartz tube and double hole quartz tube, with diameter range of 2-180mm, wall thickness range of 0.5-8mm, length of 10-3000mm continuous melting quartz tube, dehydroxylation tube, ultraviolet filter tube and ozone free tube. The results show that the SiO2 of ordinary continuous melting tube is more than 99.6%, and its geometric size, chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal denaturation resistance and crystallization resistance are excellent, and the optical transmittance is more than 93%. The hydroxyl group of dehydroxylation tube is less than 10ppm, and the hydroxyl can reach below 5ppm after vacuum dehydrogenation, which is suitable for low hydroxyl products such as high pressure mercury lamp, sodium lamp and metal halide lamp; Pearlescent tube is a new technology product of opalescent tube. The surface of the tube is like the surface of pearl, which is used in the manufacture of heating tube, heating tube and far-infrared tube. The ultraviolet filter tube can filter out the ultraviolet ray of 190-320nm wavelength which is harmful to human body in the ultraviolet spectrum band, and is suitable for the manufacture of environmental protection light source; there is no ozone tube and filter On the contrary, UV tube can pass through the ultraviolet light of 253.7nm, which is the main material of ozone free ultraviolet germicidal lamp. It is widely used in medical devices, water treatment, food hygiene and other sterilization.

                                              Quartz products include quartz rod, quartz sleeve, quartz boiler tube, shiyingzhou, quartz plate, quartz ring, quartz crucible, quartz instrument, quartz elbow, spherical quartz tube and other special-shaped quartz tube, low ozone quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp, transparent and opaque quartz tube and rod of various colors. The diameter range of quartz casing is 8-120mm, with single opening, double opening, round head, flat head and other shapes, and processing such as expanding, necking, flanging and grinding. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good light transmission, moisture-proof and explosion-proof, It is widely used in the manufacture of aquarium thermostat, disinfection equipment, heating pipe, water treatment, metal halide lamp, environmental protection, sanitation, chemical industry and other fields; quartz water jacket is mainly used in printing and packaging processing industry -- UV curing, UV light curing is a very reliable curing technology which can replace hot air dryer and other drying technologies. It has been widely used in printing and packaging processing industry. Low ozone quartz ultraviolet disinfection lamp is a new product developed by domestic advanced technology. It has strong bactericidal effect, novel structure and long service life. It can produce strong ultraviolet radiation with wavelength of 253.7nm When the radiation intensity is above 100W / cm2, it has a strong destructive effect on the DNA of bacteria, and has obvious killing effect, which meets the requirements of various indexes of "technical specification for disinfection" issued by the Ministry of health.

                                              Our product quality reaches the national standard above, in addition to the commonly used specifications, and can be for customers to map or processing.