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                                              Chemical properties of quartz glass

                                              Chemical properties of quartz glass

                                              Quartz glass has high chemical stability. Besides hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid, it is not only resistant to acid, aqua regia, neutral salt, sulfur and carbon corrosion at room temperature and high temperature. Its chemical stability is 150 times greater than that of Ni Cr alloy and ceramics. It is the best acid resistant material.

                                              Quartz glass is an acid substance, which is poor in alkali resistance and alkali resistance salt. It can form soluble silicate with this type of reagent, so it is not suitable for making instruments for strong alkaline reaction.

                                              The results show that quartz glass is not eroded by metal oxides except PbO below 800oC, reacts with ZnO and R2O above 800oC, and reacts with Bao, MgO and Fe2O3 above 900oc. It reacts with AI2O3 and Cao above 1000oC. The corrosion resistance of molten metal to quartz glass is different. It is resistant to Ag, Au, CD, Hg, Pt, Mo, Sn, W and Zn. It reacts with Ca above 600oC, reacts with Al, le and mg at 800oC, and reacts with Li above 250oC. Silicon corrodes quartz glass, but carbon reacts with quartz glass above 1800oC, quartz glass does not react with Na2CO3 below 850oc, quartz glass reacts with Na2SO4 below 900oc, while sodium nitrate, anhydrous borax and calcium chloride strongly attack quartz glass at 800oC.

                                              Under normal temperature, water is stable to water, and even under high temperature and high pressure, the erosion of water on quartz glass is very small. The specific gravity of quartz glass is only 1.13 g / m2 under 100 atmospheric pressure and 310oc for 3 hours.